Massage Bliss

massage-treatmentsTake special care of your body and experience the revitalized feeling of well being. From our relaxing massages, to our modern wraps and salt scrubs. Let us de-stress you!

Add aromatherapy to any massage for just $10.0 more.

Massage is one of the oldest healing remedies known to mankind.

A full range of massage techniques customised according to your needs to treat the whole body, scalp, neck and shoulders using the healing powers of essential oils to assist in normal nervous, circulatory and lymphatic functioning. Feel yourself drifting into a deeply relaxed state as tension and stress is eased away from your body.

Please tell us your health and relaxation needs so we can recommend the ideal massage for you.

Skin-Clinic-Margate-massage-blissSwedish Massage

½ hour $50.0     ¾ hour $75.0
1 hour $85.0       1½ hour $130.0
Neck & Shoulders 20 mins $35.0
Hands, Feet or Scalp 15 mins $25.0 each

This massage is a gentle, soothing treatment. Your therapist uses long strokes with gentle kneading and friction on the more superficial layers of the muscles.

Sports Massage

½ hour $55.0     1 hour $90.0

Chronic patterns of tension are released through stroking and deep finger pressure applied to areas of muscle contraction.  This style of massage may be utilized to treat the whole body or specific areas of muscle tightness.

Hot Rock Massage

Greek Hot Rocks

from $130.0

Three black lava stones with highlights on wooden board

Thallotherapy a combination of hot and cold stone massage including hot  or cold placement stones alternating Swedish massage with stones and hands. This treatment is deeply relaxing and decongesting.

Hot Rocks Massage 75 mins. $130.0 …with Rose Quartz Facial 1½ hours $150.0

Balinese style Hot Rocks

75 mins. $130.0

Spoil yourself with a full body hot rocks massage with a difference. Starting with a delicious full body scrub of crushed balinesian spices to invigorate and stimulate the body followed with a flowing massage of sacred balinesian stones wrapped in balinese spices and dipped in warm fragrant oils to relax the muscles infuse the oils, soothe pressure points and ease the stresses of the mind body and spirit. 

Skin-Clinic-Margate-bamboo-massage-202x300Bamboo Massage

60 mins. $120.0

A Bamboo Massage is arguably one of the best things one can have after a very stressful day. Nothing relieves the body of the aches and pains that it experiences other than a well given massage.

Bamboo therapy is proven to be one of the best stress relievers because it invigorates not only the body, but also the mind and the soul. A massage clears the passages towards the harmonious function of one’s mind and body, thereby unifying the two elements.

In the physical sense, a bamboo massage will definitely induce relaxation and good blood circulation. The motion from the massage also induces the excretion of toxins from the body. Hot Bamboo Massage 

Pregnancy Massage

60 mins. $90.0

While a new person is developing inside, you really need to look after yourself. This blissful massage is a soothing, calming effleurage technique that can relieve stress and aid your body to become more accustomed to the changes taking place. We only use approved aromatherapy oils suitable for this tender time. Your comfort is ensured with the use of a specialised body pillow which will keep both of you safe and secure.

Aromatherapy Massage

$10.0 extra on any massage.

Soothe your body and your senses with this incredibly healing treatment. Our therapist will select the perfect combination of holistic body oils to heal you.