We’re Hiring

Senior Beauty Therapist

Experienced Beauty Therapist
(with Sense of Humour) Wanted.

Full time/ Casual



Busy North-Brisbane salon urgently requires fun, experienced person who who’s been around the block and knows there are ten things only a beauty therapist understands:

1. You’re constantly worrried you’re developing early arthritis thanks to waxing wrist.

2. The possibility of turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dame thanks to all the hours spent standing hunched over clients is very real.

3. Body odour.

4. Always smelling of sanitiser and nail remover.

5. You spend so much time looking at vajayjays, you often don’t remember who your clients are until you lift the towel. Then, bingo! “Sarah! How’d the job interview go?”

6. People think because you’re professionally trained in beauty you can turn them into Cindy Crawford. Even when they look like a Yeti.

7. Having to suppress the desire to reprimand clients when they don’t use the wet wipes before a Brazilian.

8. You rarely have time to wax your own legs.

9. Friends and family automatically assume you’re on call for free treatments.

10. Realising that if the world ends tomorrow, you might not have saved any lives, but you’ve sure fixed a lot of ugly.

If you ‘get’ all of that (like we do) then you can laugh. You’re going to need it at Body Bliss Health and Beauty Retreat, because that stuff and more is what keeps us sane in here.

It’s also why we pay well, laugh a lot, love our clients (yes, even the grumpy ones!) and our therapists work as a team together. If you’d like to be part of that, we’d love to hear from you. Email your full resume to: info@bodybliss.com.au

beauty therapist job 2

If you look like you fit the bill, and can perform the requirements listed below, you’ll be hearing from us with an interview time.

  • Available for late night and Saturday work (rotational)
  • Can upsell product and services to reach targets
  • Achieve rebooking rate of 65%
  • Can perform waxing, tinting, facials, massage & spa treatments, pedicures, manicures, nail and toenail treatments, nail art, skin analysis, body wraps, make customer recommendations, and other salon duties.
  • Paramedical experience an advantage. Is familiar with DMK and Waterlily, BioSculpture and Natural Compatibles products and treatments (negotiable)
  • Has great initiative, self-sufficiency, and competency.
  • Can read and write. Correctly. And can tell us where the spelling error in this advertisement is. You also know how to take a message, make appointments and actually deliver the message.
  • You are a person of your word – when you say you will do something, you actually follow through.
  • Is affable, amiable and amenable but not demure. Displays confidence in their own work and products.
  • Can work efficiently and quickly.
  • Wants to make this salon ROCK!
  • Minimum 2 years salon experience.

About Us

Body Bliss Health and Beauty Retreat is a premier salon in North Brisbane, located in Margate. We specialise in cosmetic tattooing, brow sculpting and designing, paramedical skin treatments, along with traditional day spa offerings with a focus toward DMK and Waterlily products. We are a small salon with a devoted clientele and we actively encourage and provide bonuses to those that exceed their targets. Sales and re-bookings are an important part of every salon and particularly so with ours. You will be able to gain significant income by surpassing these targets. We regularly provide additional training to ensure you are up to date with all the latest techniques and skillsets.

This position begins on a one day trial, followed by a three month probationary period and then may lead to full-time work. Casual also available. We want you to make this salon your own, with the scope to becoming a manager of the salon. If you’re keen as, we’re keen as to hear from you!

Email us at info@bodybliss.com.au today!