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Consult, Advice and Plan (30)
A personalised consultation with our professional nurse and skin practitioner to develop a bespoke skin care prescription and treatment plan for your long term skin health. Includes a personalised take-home information pack, personalised prescription and treatment plan.
$60 (redeemable on product)


Supercharged & fully customised treatments to suit all skin conditions while experiencing a truly aromatic, relaxing & sensory experience  

Level 1

SIRCUIT SMART PEEL 30min      From $119

Facial includes a light pre-exfoliation, mask and active infusion of vitamins, minerals, peptides and antioxidants.  this treatment is suitable for first time clients starting their skin journey
From $119

(Cleanse, Cranberry crush, mask, infusion)

Level 2
SIRCUIT POWER PEEL 40min     From $149

Facial includes Advanced Exfoliation, mask and active infusion (removes dead cells AND rebuilds collagen & Elastin)

(Cleanse + your choice of Mocha Loca, Youth Acc, Double Trouble, Vacation, Cocktail + Mask + Infusion)

Level 3

Facial includes  Double Exfoliation, Mask, Massage, LED, Active infusion  (these are advanced treatments customised for skin as part of a revision programme) 

(Cleanse, Cranberry Crush, Your choice of Mocha Loca, Youth Acc, Double Trouble, Vacation, Cocktail + Mask & Massage + Infusion)

Level 4

SIRCUIT AGE RECOVERY 45min    From $199

Facial includes Double Exfoliation and Advanced Oxygen Mousse Peel, Mask, Active infusion 

(Cleanse + Birthday Cake + Skin Couture + Mask & Massage + Infusion)

Cranberry Crush +
5% Cranberry Enzyme Peel

A moisturizing, revitalizing and corrective enzyme peel formulated with 5% L-Lactic acid and ACB Pomegranate Enzymes that helps to gently exfoliate the skin as Cranberry Enzymes help to purify and provide antioxidant protection.

This mild peel minimizes lipid removal, while improving texture and smoothness of the skin helping to promote the skin’s overall quality and appearance.

Level 1

From $119

Mocha Loca Pro +
13% Chocolate Lactic Acid Peel

Mocha Loca + is a potent, Chirally Correct, L Lactic Acid peel enriched with numerous active ingredients and powerful antioxidants that help to shield against the harmful effects of free radical damage that can result in accelerated aging.

SUPERCHARGED with potent ingredients that help to soothe and protect, this emollient formula softens comedones while the natural cocoa and ground coffee make it smell sinfully delicious leaving you with a beautiful, radiant complexion! Bestseller!

Level 2-3

From $149

Easter skin special

Youth Accelerator Pro + 20% Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Youth Accelerator + is an all-natural pumpkin enzyme peel that’s rich in anti-aging and skin perfecting nutrients. This unique formula with powerful antioxidant properties is intensive therapy that helps to minimize the free radical damage that can result in accelerated aging.

The natural pumpkin enzymes also aid in exfoliating dead skin cells and impurities, while at the same time delivering vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Protein-rich Albumen helps to condition your skin ensuring it stays luscious and soft.

The results?

Younger, healthier looking skin and a more vibrant complexion!

Level 2-3

From $149

Double Trouble Pro +
20% L-lactic Pomegranate Acai Peel

The perfect pairing of Pomegranate and nature’s wonder food, Acai, helps energize cells by helping to reduce the amount of oxidative stress in the skin while providing rich hydration and radiance. You will see a reduction in the look of every key sign of aging including the appearance of fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone. This is a nature lover’s dream peel!

Level 2-3

From $149


10% Mandelic Problem Skin Peel

Extremely effective Mandelic acid and Mango, Papaya and Pineapple Fruit Extracts help restore the even-toned look of your skin and assist in improving the overall texture through mild enzyme exfoliation. Antioxidant-rich Mango Seed Butter with its high content of essential fatty acids is both nourishing and emollient helping to maintain skin’s suppleness and providing essential anti-aging benefits.

Along with the enzymatic exfoliation, gentle physical exfoliation is supplied by the unique Salicylic acid beads that help to improve the condition of problem skin and leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth.

Level 2-3

From $149

Why Manicures Are More Than Just A Coat Of Polish

Skin Couture +
Oxygen Mousse Peel

A medium strength peel formulated with 10% L-Lactic acid and Retinol that exfoliates and softens your skin, helping to improve the appearance of tone and texture.

Fiflow® BTX helps to impart a skin-smoothing effect, enhancing the skin’s overall quality and promoting a more youthful appearance while the emollient properties of Organic Olive Oil soften and moisturize the skin. Organic Lemon Peel provides refreshing benefits along with skin brightening properties leaving your skin feeling soft and radiant.

Level 4

From $199

Why Manicures Are More Than Just A Coat Of Polish

Cocktail +
Vermouth Twist Peel

Cocktail + is a potent Salicylic (15%), L-Lactic (2%) and Retinol peel that works to gently exfoliate while helping to reduce the occurrence of breakouts and oily skin, improving the overall condition and appearance of problem skin.

Fortified with powerful antioxidants, including Spin Trap, Resveratrol and Vermouth, to help minimize the effects of free radical damage and provide anti-aging benefits while also helping to smooth the texture

Level 2-3

From $149



Supercharged treatments to suit all skin conditions while experiencing a truly aromatic, relaxing facial. 

30mins $119 \\ 45mins $149 \\ 60mins $199

Cranberry Crush 
Mocha Loca Pro 
Youth Accelerator Pro 
Double Trouble Pro 
Ultimate Age Recovery 
Pedal to the Medal 
Skin Couture

Kind words from Clients

First but not last visit. Amazing treatment, staff so friendly and treatments so good. Had the getting ready for spring treatment, going back again before it ends, it was that good and value like nothing else.

~ Denise Valentine 


I have been a customer for approximately 16 years & now travel from remote Northern Territory just to see Rhyl & the friendly team @ Body Bliss.
Body Bliss offers the perfect balance of quality, knowledge, experience & love. I wouldn’t trust anywhere else.

~ Holly Supple-Gurruwiwi



Body Bliss is a Paramedical Skin Clinic. This means we are all about transforming your skin with high tech prescription-only retail and professional skin treatment products.


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